Benefits of a blogs - Inside the Huddle

Creating a company blog for your brand offers an extensive list of benefits. The more unique and compelling your content is the more powerful your blog is in growing your brand In this video, I discuss 3 ways blogging whether it's a written blog or Video blog can help you grow your brand and business.

The first way blogging helps you build your brand is that it helps you establish yourself as an expert in your industry. This is a great opportunity to exhibit your superior level of expertise in your space and lets your target audience know why they should do business with you as opposed to anyone else. Blogging is a sure way to expand your reach and reputation while building a community around your brand, product or service.

Secondly, Blogging helps increase your online visibility. For those of you who don't have a website or are not making good use of the website you have, posting your blog on your site will help increase traffic to your website. The content you create must be properly optimized with the right keywords and phrases. You will need to use the right tags or “keyword research.” You want to be sure to include the terms people are most likely to enter into a search.

Lastly, In addition to showcasing your knowledge and building a brand presence on the web, blogging is an awesome opportunity to present your content in a humanized and, relatable way. This is your chance to be yourself. Let your community really get to know you the person as well the entrepreneur. Your audience wants to know the real you as this gives them an opportunity to connect with you on a personal level and find common ground. Therefore, the voice you display must be authentic and welcoming so that people can relate to you.