Free Lunch Fridays

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A group supporting local small businesses here in San Antonio including IstheCITY, B Michele Branding Agency South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and others got together to see what we can do to support local business and essential workers right here in our community. With the impact of COVID-19 changing the dynamics of how people do their jobs and run their business we decided a unique way to give back. To thank these hard working people who are essential to sustaining and feeding our community we decide to provide Free Lunch Fridays. We want to provide free lunches to those industries most impacted by Covid-19 such as healthcare workers, teachers, entrepreneurs and 1st responders as well the restaurants.

The lunches will be given away using the IstheCITY App. In order to participate you will need to download the app and set up a free account. Businesses can list their businesses and deals right on the app. The general public can shop and support local business as well and play a daily mini-games to win lunch on Friday. Isthecity will announce via their social media, website and app which industry will be able to receive the lunch each Friday. Each Friday will be a different industry, we will rotate as long as funding is available. Individuals in that corresponding field will receive a notification to go redeem their meal via the app.

Our goal is to give away 100 lunches each Friday with the value of $10 . We are seeking sponsorship to help with the purchase of the meals. In return. Your company will be included in all marketing and advertising associated with Free Lunch as whole and the week prior to your sponsored Friday.

To play, register for the game by selecting the industry you work in, then click (Lets Play). The computer will randomly select 5 winners a day. To see if you are a winner, take your finger or mouse and scratch off the game board to reveal if you are a winner. If you are a winner, you will have a special card in your (My Winnings) tab. You can play once a day until all awards are given out. Prizes start over each week. Good Luck and share with a friend.

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